Col. O. P. Singh's Residence

The interior design of this apartment in Lucknow underwent a transformation to achieve a more contemporary appeal. The scope of work focused on reworking the furniture and other interior elements to bring a fresh and modern look to the space. Every corner of the apartment was carefully considered to create a harmonious and stylish atmosphere. The color palette was updated with soothing tones that perfectly complemented the new furniture and decor. The living room became a cozy and inviting space, with a sleek sofa and elegant coffee table as the centerpiece. The bedroom exuded luxury and comfort, with a plush bed and stylish bedside tables. In the kitchen, modern appliances and a sleek countertop were incorporated, offering both functionality and style. Overall, this apartment's interior design successfully merged contemporary elements with a touch of sophistication, making it a truly stunning living space.

Location : Lucknow, India

Typology : Single Family Residential

Scope of work : Architecture & Interior Design