Weaving b/w Walls

Time is an overwhelming force. We had a rude awakening to this notion when we were invited to propose an urban redevelopment of the South Chicago Steel works site. Within the bounds a prosperous international city, Chicago's Cook county, lie the remnants of the real engines of the industrial revolution which propelled the city to the heights where it stands.

The site of South Chicago Steel Works holds historical significance as one of the largest steel mills in the United States, operating from the late 19th century until the mid-20th century. This industrial complex was situated on the south side of Chicago, and it played a vital role in the city's growth and development. The steel mill employed thousands of workers and produced steel products that were used in various industries, including construction, automotive, and shipbuilding. The site's existence was a testament to the power and productivity of American industry during the 20th century. Now forgotten, the South Chicago Steel Works plant was once the economic spine of this industrial city. It supported a vibrant and prosperous community. However, the tides have now turned. and turned rudely against this place and its people.

Only little remains of the glorious past. Poetically, what stands now are two solid reinforced-concrete walls, too strong to break, and polluted soil. It is a landmark, but not a destination anymore.

With our intervention we aim to revitalize this 1.6 mile (2.5 km) long stretch with the community as a focus. We intend to bring development and capital investment back to the site, while also serving the neighborhood by providing the various amenities it now lacks. We also aim to naturally purge the site of its pollutants. It is achieved through a variety of interventions which celebrate the walls and the water around it.

The Intervention
The Site